I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and part of the ERC-Consolidator Grant Force of Gossip.

I am passionate about studying unethical behavior and the role of gossip and reputation therein. My goal is to conduct policy informing research on unethical behavior based on evidence in the lab and in the field.

I am a strong proponent of open science and in favor of registered reports, replications and pre-registrations.


Research interests: 

  • Behavioral Ethics
  • Reputation/Gossip
  • Cooperation
  • Norms



Nieper, A.S., Beersma, B., Dijkstra, M.T.M., Van Kleef, G.A. (under review). Gossip Increases Honesty due to Reputational Concern.

Nieper, A.S., Testori, M., Van Kleef, G.A., Dijkstra, M.T.M., Beersma, B. (under review). A Systematic Review of the Consequences of Gossip.

Nieper, A.S., Balliet, D., Molho, C., Van Kleef, G.A. (work in progress). Power and Cooperation: A Meta-analytical Review of Economic Games and Distributive Negotiations.